Our Furry Babies

Yesterday I went a little camera happy with my Sigma lens and took several pictures of my furbabies.  There’s just something about this lens that I LOVE!  It takes such wonderful pictures, even though it doesn’t have a zoom on it, which can be a little inconvenient at times.  But it’s definitely a favorite lens for portraits.

It all started when I saw Lazarus laying inside this water bottle wrapping.  I thought to myself, “That would make a cute picture.”  And since I already had my camera in my hand from taking Steve’s picture yesterday, it made my decision very easy.

He’s such a cutie.

Then he saw Fancy hiding under the kitchen table and started stalking her behind Steve’s shoes.

And then……POUNCE!!!  He’s always doing that, but he’s so much slower than the other kitties that it’s pretty funny to watch.

When he couldn’t catch her, he came back and laid by the water bottle wrapper again and said, “What?  I wasn’t doing anything.  I was just laying here the whole time.”  Ok, he didn’t say that, but he is probably the easiest of our cats to tell what he is thinking.  He’s definitely a talker and complains a lot.

Then I saw pretty Lacey laying on the Sprite on top of the counter.  The light was hitting her in such a way that she just begged to have her picture taken.

Look at this gorgeous girl with her baby blue eyes!

Oh yah, that’s the spot!

Here’s a lovely shot of Fancy, who’s usually not very photogenic.  She can be looking at me completely fine, but the second I point a camera at her she turns away, so this shot was really exciting to get!  Such a pretty petite little thing.  Fance only weighs about 7 pounds on a good day.

Can’t forget about the doggies!  Here’s our sweet Kaylee.  Another non-photogenic baby.  She does not like having her picture taken and always refuses to look at the camera.

So if she ever does look at me, I have to have a very quick trigger finger and snap the photo with lightning speed!

“Don’t I have a pretty nose, Mommy?!  And how about those teeth?  I don’t know how to use my teeth to their full potential, but they sure do look pretty!”

And of course there’s Camelot, who recently made a trip to the groomers where he received his summer shave down.  I planned it so that he would be at the groomers during Elizabeth’s bridal shower.  Pretty sure everyone didn’t want to listen to Camelot bark during the entire shower.

Whenever I go outside with them, the dogs seem to get a sudden burst of energy and start playing chase.  Loving those ears, Camelot!  You can see his summer cut pretty good in this picture compared to Kaylee’s long coat.

I think it’s funny that I caught Camelot’s ears in the “up” position in each of these photos. 🙂  This one of him makes me smile.  He just looks like he’s having such a good time, doesn’t he?

Bite that butt!

Aww, little big buddies.  Thanks for sharing my babies with me!

Just had to see this one of Fancy one more time. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Our Furry Babies”

  1. Awww! I can’t wait to meet and play with your fur-babies, myself! Great photos, Joanna! The cats DO have such beautiful eyes, and I love seeing the dogs play chase. . .those ears!! 🙂

  2. Lovely pictures! I am such a sucker for animals but especially cats. 😉 Fancy sort of reminds me of my kitty, Amore.

  3. Beautiful pictures, Jo!!!! I like the picture of Lazarus in the water bottle plastic wrap the best. You should make a greeting card or something like that.

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