The Laundry Basket

For years I have been carrying piles of laundry from our bedroom, and now Grayson’s bedroom, to the laundry room just using my arms.  That has made for several trips back and forth, picking up dropped socks and undies along the way.  Well, last week, when my mom was visiting, she bought us a laundry basket after I asked her to take some clothes out of the dryer.  I don’t know why I’ve put off buying one all these years, but it has certainly come in handy!

Grayson has enjoyed it too!  It’s a little play pen for him, and the day my mom gave it to us, I took some picture of him sitting in it.  There are probably very few babies out there that don’t have some sort of picture of them sitting in a laundry basket.

Lazarus had to come over to investigate.

Grayson has gotten so used to me shoving a camera in his face that he will rarely look at the camera anymore, so I had to acquire the help of my mom to make him smile.

And boy did he smile!!!

You know that country song, “Somethin’ ‘Bout a Truck”, well there’s just somethin’ ’bout a baby in a laundry basket!

He’s so little in it!

The only reason he’s looking in my direction for the photo is because I held his favorite stuffed animal, Pooh Bear, above my camera.  Oh the things I’ll do to get a decent picture!

“Alright, Mom, can we be done now?  I’d like to get back to playing with real toys!”

  • Pam Pentland said:

    He is too cute!! <3

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