Review of Portrait Perfection Actions for Photoshop

I love Photoshop actions.  With one click of a button, my photo can be transformed into something that would take me many steps to do by hand.

I was recently contacted by to do a review of their Portrait Perfection action set, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.  Below is some before and afters, along with the action recipe for each photo, amazing video editor  I’ll post my review at the end.

maternity before and after - Jo McVey Photography


BASE – From Golden Hours (Histogram Fix turned off)

ENHANCE TONES – Dark Island 54% (painted off trees)


ENHANCE TONES – Magic Garden 30% (painted on subject)

Dark Vignette 45%

Bright Sparkly Eyes

Soft Skin Smoother 15%

PORTRAIT RETOUCH – Honey Skin Brush 40%

Exposure – Bright 12% (on subject)

FROM A CANDY STORE – Paint Effect 10%

snow lifestyle before and after - Jo McVey Photography

Blowing Snow:

BASE – From Cloudy Days (Histogram Fix turned off)

Temperature – Warmer 20%

ENHANCE TONES – Romantic Dance 70%

ENHANCE TONES – Dark Island 100%

ENHANCE TONES – Hot Kiss 50%

COLOR CORRECT – Reduce Reds 25% (brushed on cheeks and nose)

PORTRAIT RETOUCH – Honey Skin Brush 60%

little girl sitting on chair portrait before and after - Jo McVey Photography

Little Girl:

BASE – From Cloudy Days (Histogram Fix turned off)

COLOR CORRECTOR – Vivid 20% (painted on background)



PORTRAIT RETOUCH – Soft Skin Smoother 65%

PORTRAIT RETOUCH – Soft Glow Skin 40%

PORTRAIT RETOUCH – Honey Skin Brush 60%

ENHANCE TONES – Velvet Ink 30%

ENHANCE TONES – Hot Kiss 20%

Yogi Vignette 30%

FROM A CANDY STORE – Paint Effect 10%

Overall, I was very happy with the actions!  On a few of the bases, I had to turn off the Histogram Fix layer (as you can see in the recipes above) because it was creating this really bright haze, but it was an easy fix.

I was extremely impressed with the Honey Skin Brush!  It is so hard to get that perfect peachy skin tone, and they did a great job with that action.

I was able to get my colorful, rich signature look using these actions, which I was really happy about.

The actions also were very quick to play.  I didn’t really run into any that took more than a few seconds.

The Brighten Eyes action was a little hard to understand.  There are two layers.  One looks like a sharpening layer and had a white layer mask, but when turned off and on, I couldn’t see any difference.  And the second layer was a black mask, which is what you’re supposed to pain onto the eyes.  I didn’t notice a huge difference when I painted this action onto my subjects’ eyes, but sometimes less is more.

I didn’t really see any matte actions in this collection, so if that is your style, you won’t find that here.

I’ll definitely use this action collection again as part of my workflow!  And it looks like it’s on sale now for only $39!  You can find the Portrait Perfection Action Set HERE.


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