Our Family is Growing!

It’s true!  I’m almost 12 weeks pregnant with our second child!  This pregnancy has not been an easy one.  I actually ended up in the hospital yesterday from dehydration.  6 hours and 2 bags of IV fluids later, I was feeling much better, and was able to keep down my dinner.  The reason it took so long is because my veins were so flat from being dehydrated that the fluids had trouble flowing through my IV.  (Well, that and the fact that I had to wait 2 hours in the waiting room for a bed to open up.)  I was put on a new medication and will hopefully turn a corner soon.

This baby is due January 21st, and we’ve already had our first doctor’s appointment and seen our little peanut via ultrasound.  At first I was positive this baby would be another boy, but since I’ve been SO sick this time around (much more than I was with Grayson), now I’m wondering if this one is a girl.  I guess only time will tell!

Here’s a couple pictures of our little munchkin.

We’re going to try to find out the gender around 15 weeks via elective ultrasound.  But if we can’t tell then, we’ll have to wait until our anatomy scan at 20 weeks.  If you could spare some prayers, please pray that I will have some relief from this morning (all day) sickness soon!