My New Favorite Snack

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This is a little bit of heaven in my mouth.  My new “ice cream” substitute.  Deliciousness in a bowl.  This is Greek Yogurt with fresh Berries and 2 packets of Splenda.  Thank you. That is all.



P.S. Without the Splenda, it just wouldn’t taste that great.  Plain Greek Yogurt is not sweet at all if you’re getting the REAL stuff, and not that Danon fake fruity stuff they like to pass off as Greek Yogurt.  Do yourself a solid and try it this way!  20 grams of protein in one serving…..can’t beat it!

  • Pam Pentland said:

    Your dad likes this treat with blueberries and Splenda, but I don't like yogurt, unless it is frozen. It does look yummy, though, with your great photography. :)

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