Butterflies, Flowers, and Lacey

Steve and I are leaving for our honeymoon today!  We’re driving up to New York (yes, driving) and spending a couple days walking around Manhattan and seeing the sights.  Then on Thursday, our 9-day Caribbean Cruise leaves from Brooklyn!!  We’ve never been gone for this long, so it’s been quite the ordeal trying to pack everything we need and get the house and animals ready for our friends Phillip and Jenni to house sit for us.  Part of getting the house ready was mowing the lawn yesterday afternoon.  I’m always the designated poop cleaner upper (yay me!), and I always clean up the dog poop in the backyard right before Steve mows so that he won’t be driving over, chopping up, and spreading dog poop everywhere.  I know.  It’s gross.  But I’m just keeping it real!

Anyway, yesterday when I was doing this lovely chore, I noticed what I thought was a piece of paper in the grass.  So I went over to pick it up, and saw that it was actually a beautiful butterfly!

It was sitting so still that I thought it was dead.  But I gave it a little nudge, and it moved a little bit.  So, hoping that it would continue to stay still for at least a few minutes more, I ran inside to grab my camera and was able to get this beautiful shot.  Then I realized that Steve would be mowing here in a few minutes, so I tried picking it up to set it on a flower, but it started hopping around and I could barely hold onto it.  Finally, once I got it into my hands, it flew away over our neighbor’s roof.  I’m glad I was able to snap a picture when I did.  I’ve never seen a butterfly like this before.  It’s belly was pure white and fluffy like a cotton ball.  Steve said he thinks it was a moth, but to me, moths are ugly and butterflies are pretty, so I’m going to stick with thinking it was a butterfly.

Since I was already outside with my camera, I thought it would probably be a good idea to take a picture of one of my rose bushes to prove that I actually do have somewhat of a green thumb!  Here is a plant that I haven’t killed, everyone!!  There’s hope for me yet!

Now onto the main reason for this blog post.  My baby girl, Lacey, is at the vet right now.  She had been throwing up all night and this morning, and really hadn’t moved from the same spot she was laying last night.  Whenever I feed the kitties she is always the first one to the food, and if we’re not careful to separate the kitties when they eat, she would eat all three helpings.  But this morning, when I went to feed them, she just laid there and wasn’t even interested.  I put some food right in front of her face and she just sniffed it and put her head down.  This has never happened before!  None of our kitties have ever turned down a meal (well except Fancy when she’s being picky), and none of our cats have ever been sick either.  I’m not sure if she ate something she shouldn’t have, or if she got sick some other way, but I just can’t be excited for our honeymoon until I know she’s going to be ok.  It’s horrible timing, but I’m glad we noticed this before we left today, and were able to get her to the vet before Phillip and Jenni started house sitting.  She’s only been sick since last night, so hopefully the vet will be able to figure out what’s wrong with her and fix her up good as new.

When I called the vet at 7:15 this morning, they said they didn’t have an opening until 10am, and we were supposed to leave for New York at noon, so they let me bring her in at 7:45am, and they said they’d try to squeeze her in between patients to try to get her out of there earlier.  Normally I would definitely stay with her while she was being examined, but we still have a little bit of packing to do, and I need to do a few more things around the house, so reluctantly I left her with the vet, and they said they would call me when they have an update.

So please pray for our little kitty Lacey.  She’s normally our most energetic cat, and it makes me so sad to see her in pain and not herself.  I hope we can find out what is causing this very soon.  I’ll post an update when I know more.  Thanks for your prayers!

Update:  Lacey is home from the vet.  He thinks it’s probably something she ate because she had a lot of blood and fat in her stool.  She’s still not eating or drinking but the vet gave some intravenous fluids to help with dehydration.  We were sent home with 2 different medications for her to control diarrhea.  Doctor said she will probably be feeling better by tomorrow.  Keep praying!

Update #2:  Praise the Lord!  Lacey is back to her old spunky self!  Jenni and Phillip did an amazing job taking care of her while we were gone on our honeymoon, and by the time we came back, it was as if she had never been sick.  They did have to take her in to the vet while we were gone because she wasn’t getting better after 2 days on the medicine, so they did an x-ray on her to make sure she hadn’t swallowed a foreign body that was lodged in her intestines.  Luckily the x-ray came back clean, and within another couple days, her energy level picked up.  Thank you to those of you who prayed for her!  I don’t know what I would have done if we came home and she was no longer with us.  And a special thank you to Phillip and Jenni for taking such good care of our baby (and other babies) while we were gone! 🙂

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