My First Quilt!

It’s true.  I made a quilt!  And I couldn’t be happier with the results.  I found a cute quilt kit at Joann’s that had all the fabric I needed, plus a quilt pattern with instructions, and after reading several quilting blogs, I decided that it was time to give it a try.

And here’s the finished product!!  The front patchwork actually came together pretty easily and quickly.  I did the entire front in about 2 hours or so (that includes cutting each piece as well).

The kit came with a large piece of flannel to use as the backing.  It was neat that the backing had pretty much all the colors in it as the front so it matched perfectly!

The pink border was a little tricky, and my bobbin kept getting messed up, so I had to take the stitches out twice before I was successful.

But it turned out really nice.  Here’s another view of the back.

I decided to crosshatch the quilt, since I don’t know how to free motion quilt yet.  Getting those lines straight and evenly spaced was a little tricky.  An easy way to do it would be to stretch blue painter’s tape across diagonally and stitch along side the edges, then move the tape over every row.  But of course we didn’t have any painter’s tape, so I had to measure it out and mark the lines with chalk.  A longer process, but I ended up with the same result.  I hope you all like my first quilt!  I think I’ll attempt a rag quilt next!  Those are so adorable, and very forgiving from what I’ve read.


  • Pam Pentland said:

    Super cute, Joanna! You are such a little Martha Stewart!! Love you, Mom :-)

  • Mary Ho said:

    I just LOVE your quilt! Such pretty, bright colors.

  • Love the colours. I've just completed my first quilt for a friend's soon-to-be-born baby - don't want to post it until I've given it to her!

  • Goodness, that quilt looks wonderful! You are so brave for tackling the quilt..well, at least much more so than me. :)

  • Nancy said:

    Very cute. I agree that the binding is the hardest part!

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  • Chris said:

    I made this one for my daughter's first birthday! Can you tell me the fabric company's name? I tossed the packaging and want to find some matching fat quarters to make her a pillow case and valences.

    • Joanna @ Southern Daisy said:

      Eek!! I don't know! I bought the kit at Joann's but threw away the packaging. And I made this almost 2 years ago, so I'm afraid I don't remember. Sorry!

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