The Pregnancy Chronicles: 20 weeks (Half Baked!)

Well, I’ve made it past the half-way point in my pregnancy.  Today I am 20 weeks and 5 days pregnant.  This past Monday we had our anatomy scan ultrasound, and Baby McVey looked PERFECT!  And in case you didn’t already know from reading my facebook page, Baby McVey is a BOY!!!  Steve and I had a bet going about the gender, and he ended up winning (since I was sure he was a girl).  So now he gets to pick out all of our son’s outfits from birth up until he is 2 months old, and I don’t get any say in it.  I’m not sure what I’ve gotten myself into, but hopefully my husband has good taste in clothes (which he does).

When we were in Babies R Us the other day, I held up an outfit that I thought was cute and asked him if it was something he would pick out for our son, and he said that he would.  So it looks like we have the same taste in clothes, which I hope is a good sign!

If I had won the bet, and he was a girl, I would have gotten to decorate the nursery however I wanted, and Steve wouldn’t have been able to say anything about it if he didn’t like it.

He measured at 12 oz in weight, which according to our doctor is exactly right for his age.  We were able to get a very good look at the heart and all four chambers are developing perfectly!  His heart rate was 157 bmp, and his heart was located on the left side of his chest, which the technician said is what they always want to see.  Apparently there’s a condition that some babies have where all their organs are reversed, and the ones that are supposed to be on the left are on the right, and vice versa.

Here’s a picture of his little foot.

He had his hand in his face the entire time, sucking on his thumb.  At one point he opened his mouth really wide and tried to stick his whole hand in there!  We could clearly see him doing the sucking motion with his mouth and it was so cute to watch.

He even did a big yawn at one point and it was SO adorable!

And here’s the money shot.  His little manhood is sticking up right underneath the word “Boy”.  I’m sure he’ll be so happy with me when he gets old enough to care that his little thing-a-ling was on display for the whole world to see.

I’m starting to really show now too!  Today was the first day that a stranger actually asked me when my due date is.  I feel like it’s official now and I finally look pregnant to other people and not just myself.

Amazing to think that just 4 weeks ago, my belly looked like this. (16 weeks)

And 6 weeks before that, I looked like this! (10 weeks)

Pretty soon I won’t be able to see my toes……wait a minute……ok good.  I was just checking to make sure I could still see my toes.  We’re good for now!  Phew!

  • Awww, congrats on your baby boy! Your bump is darling. :)

  • Pam Pentland said:

    You make a beautiful new mommy, Joanna! I am so happy for you!!! <3

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