My Boys

Oliver is 12 weeks old, and Grayson is FINALLY starting to enjoy being around him!  Whenever I set Oliver on his mat for tummy time, Grayson will come over and lay down next to him.  It’s the sweetest thing!  I’m so glad that the jealousy is (for the most part) over.  I can’t wait until they can interact more and more!

Here are a couple pictures I took of them a couple weeks ago.  It was the first time Grayson allowed me to place Oliver right next to him without getting upset and moving away.

Brothers | Lifestyle Photography | Southern Daisy Photography

Brothers | Southern Daisy Photography


  • Don & Toli said:

    Thank you - sure fun to see them together. Boy, Grayson sure has a mouth full of teeth. Is he talking in English, yet? It looks like Oliver has black or very dark hair but I think Grayson had dark hair as a baby, too.

  • Pam Pentland said:

    Precious boys!! Love them soooo much!! xxxooo

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