Our Honeymoon: St. Thomas

I’m sorry it has taken so long to write another honeymoon post.  I guess I’ve just been focused on updating the website, among other things, that my little blog has taken a back seat…..again.  But don’t worry!  I’m back, and blessing you with more images from the lovely Caribbean!

As you probably remember from my previous honeymoon post, Steve and I went on a 9-day Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon, which stopped in 3 ports.  Our first port was Bermuda, and the second was St. Thomas in the U.S. Virgin Islands.  This was by far our favorite port of call on the cruise.  Many of the passengers were saying how St. Thomas was the best place for shopping, but we weren’t really looking to buy a lot of jewelry and diamonds, which is mainly what you can get deals on in St. Thomas.  So we went on a snorkeling and sailing excursion where we were able to swim with lots of turtles and beautiful fish.

This was the view as we were pulling into the dock.


Here’s the tug boat that helped guide us in.  You can see how much sand our ship kicked up in those usually clear aqua water.


These big fellas were sitting on rocks all along the pier welcoming us to St. Thomas.


This was the beautiful catamaran we sailed on.  It was practically brand new and had only been taken out a couple times before we went on it.  There were about 40 people on our excursion.


First we stopped at Honeymoon Beach for lunch.  How fitting, since we were on our honeymoon!  We got to swim a little in the clear water, and then we had a delicious BBQ lunch.  This part of the trip had a bit of a damper to it though, because Steve sprayed sunscreen on my face and I couldn’t open one of my eyes for about an hour or so.  But luckily, after several times flushing it with water (and tears) it finally cleared up and I was able to see again!


Here we are on our way out to Turtle Bay, an island that’s protected by the government as a natural habitat.  We weren’t allowed to set foot on the island, but we had a lot of fun snorkeling in the water around the island.  We saw several turtles, and lots of colorful fish.  Steve had hurt his leg snorkeling in Bermuda, so after about 20 minutes he went back to the boat and I got to explore the rest of the water on my own (well, still in a big group, but without Steve).


Gotta love that sensitive Scandinavian skin!  An hour of snorkeling and I had this lovely face mask imprint for the next couple hours.


The catamaran had two cargo nets on either side that we were allowed to put our feet on while we sailed back to the dock.  It was fun to be able to see the water right under our legs.


The ride back was very relaxing and fun.  Instead of using the motor on the boat, they put up the sails and we leisurely sailed back to the dock while listening to music and drinking unlimited rum punch.


We saw this old school pirate ship on our way back.  Straight out of Pirates of the Caribbean!  How fitting.

It was our favorite excursion on the cruise, and I’m sure if we ever go back, we’d love to do it again!  Oh, and the best part?  A dolphin swam right up along side of the boat!  Unfortunately it dove down before I could take a picture, but that was the only dolphin we saw on the entire trip.  So it was pretty special.