Grayson’s Cake Smash (better late than never)

Last night I was going through my pictures, seeing which ones still needed editing, and I realized that I never finished editing Grayson’s 1st birthday cake smash photos!  Which means that no one got to see them!  Well, I just finished editing them, and it was so fun to go back and reminisce about my little boy’s first birthday.

He wasn’t really into eating the cake (I think he took maybe two bites max), but he sure had fun digging in and making a mess!

I made his cake and decided to use the same colors and flags that we were going to use at his birthday party.  That flag banner was actually the same one (of many) used at my baby shower for him!  I was so glad for a reason to be able to use them again!

I ended up having to put a little frosting on his lips so he would realize the cake was for eating, and not just for squishing between his fingers.

“Oh!  I can actually eat this big, blue thing!”

Haha!  I’m not sure what he made this face for, but it was too hilarious not to include in this post.

Finally starting to really dig in!

They don’t call it a cake SMASH for nothing!


Grayson’s 15 Month Photos

It has been quite a while since I’ve taken any pictures of my son, Grayson, with my good DSLR camera instead of just my iPhone, so I decided that since he had just turned 15 months a week before, I’d take some photos of him at the park.

He started walking only a few short weeks ago, so he got to show off his new skill to some of the joggers on the path!  Of course he smiled his shy smile at every single person who passed by, as he always does.

It can be pretty hard to get good pictures of a fast moving baby, so I found this awesome stump for him to sit on.

After a few minutes he had had enough sitting and wanted to walk around again.

And since I don’t have many pictures of Grayson and me together, I attempted a selfie of us with my super heavy camera.  Let me tell you, that is no easy task!  And when I saw the result, I couldn’t help but laugh at Grayson’s fish face.

And in case any of you thought my photos always come out of my camera with perfect lighting, coloring, and blemish free, here is an example of why photographers charge what they do. The picture on the left is straight out of my camera, and the picture on the right is after 45 minutes of editing. I always spend this amount of time on each and every photo I provide for my clients. Just remember that even though it may seem like a lot of money just for pictures, you don’t know just how much time the photographer is spending on editing your photos. It’s not just the hour or two they spend with you during the session, it’s countless hours in front of the computer making sure each and every photo is perfect.


Baby Gender Reveal!!!!

Well, after much anticipation (and morning sickness), we can finally reveal the gender of our new baby!!!!  We’ll let our son, Grayson, do the honors.

Baby boy #2 will be named Oliver Steven McVey.  Now both boys will share part of their daddy’s name!  I can’t believe my little baby boy is going to be a big brother!!!  Where has the time gone?!

Grayson and Oliver will be about 20 months apart, so we’re hoping that they grow up to be the best of friends.  Thank you to everyone for all your love and support!  We can’t wait to introduce our new little man to you in January!