The Patio is Finished!

I’m sorry for not writing for the past couple days.  This weekend has been a little busy.  Yesterday, I spent the whole day cleaning and hanging up new pictures….



….such as this one of Fancy….



…and this one of our sweet Kaylee…



…and this ridiculous one of Lazarus.

But today, after much procrastination, I finally finished the last 2 curtains and curtain ties, which means that our covered patio is finally complete!  In case you didn’t read this post when I was contemplating between 2 different patio furniture sets, we ended up choosing the blue set, which actually turned out to be a light aqua/green color.  Luckily the pillows and curtain ties I had already made still matched.

It’s been almost a month since I started this patio project, which probably should have only taken a week or so.  But since I’m a procrastinator and like to take alot of breaks, it ended up taking significantly longer.  I’m so happy with the outcome, though.  It looks way better than I pictured it.

So without further ado…here is our new patio, complete with a lovely seating area and hand made curtains and pillows by yours truly.






There is a screen door that leads out to the yard, but if you look closely, you can see that we had to put a baby gate up in front of the door so that Camelot wouldn’t push the door open.  We had a latch that kept the door closed, but Camelot didn’t let that deter him.  He would somehow push the door open enough for him to squeeze through.  Then he would bark because he was trapped inside the patio.  When I would go out there to let him out, I could never figure out how he got into the porch.  The latch was still locked, and when I would pull on the door it would only open a couple inches.  Definitely not far enough for 150 lb Camelot to squeeze through.  I had a Houdini dog on my hands!

Finally, Camelot must have pushed the door too far, because he ended up breaking the latch.  So now, I have to put a baby gate in front of the door, as well as a door stopper on the other side so that the wind doesn’t keep pushing it open.  We really need to get that latch fixed.  Every time there’s a storm I can hear the screen door slamming closed every few minutes.  Thanks alot, Camelot!



The kitties like the patio too, because they can experience the outside world without being able to run away.



We got this cute lantern at the Ikea in Atlanta when we were there for the Pioneer Woman Book Signing.  I thought it would be a great little accessory for the patio.  And get this….it was only $4.99!  That Ikea, man….they have some great deals!



Here’s a close up of the curtain ties I made.  I’m most proud of the fact that I figured out how to sew a button hole and a button with my sewing machine!  I’m moving up in the world!


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