Franklin Wedding: Getting Ready for the Big Day

As usual, whenever I’m looking forward to something, or I have to wake up early for something, I always wake up well before my alarm goes off.  Elizabeth and Rustin’s wedding day was no different.  I had to be at the salon at 10:30am to get my hair and makeup done.  In addition to having my hair/makeup done for the Franklin wedding, this was also going to be a run through for my own wedding day.  And since I needed to have nice hair and makeup for their wedding, I thought I might as well schedule the run through for that day.  I know, smart, right?  I woke up around 8am, fed the cats, let the dogs out, and got dressed.  I needed to make a couple stops before I went to the salon.  One was to pick up hair extensions and false eyelashes at Sally Beauty Supply.  In order to have the fuller look I wanted, my hair stylist, Maegan, suggested that I get some hair extensions.  And I was definitely happy that I did!  And false eyelashes are always fun, and make your eyes pop.

When I got to Rustin’s parents’ house (where the wedding was taking place), all the girls were in the bathroom watching Elizabeth get her hair done.

Here’s a close up of her up do.  So pretty!  And I love the flower.

Elizabeth was trying to decide if she wanted to wear her veil or not.

The other bridesmaids and I convinced her that a veil was definitely the way to go on your wedding day!

This “Bride” robe that I bought her came in really handy.  And it was so pretty too!

Here’s Jen applying some makeup to Elizabeth’s eyelids.

Then Elizabeth added some more makeup.

And then I added even more makeup.

While the rest of the girls got ready, Elizabeth went over her vows.  Both Elizabeth and Rustin wrote their own vows.

Can’t forget the garter!  Ooo la la!

It was my job to help her lace up her dress.

I had practiced a couple weeks before the wedding, so it was easier than it looked.

I love the look of a lace up back!  Unfortunately, my wedding dress zips up, but I think I’ll live. 🙂

It did take quite a while to lace her up.

Here’s the flower girl, Rustin’s little sister, Sam.  Such a little cutie!

Hello!  My name is Joanna.  And I have hundreds of bobby pins in my hair.  Sure, they make my hair look pretty, but after a few hours of them tugging at my skull, I developed head aches in several spots around my head.  But you know what they say, “Beauty knows no pain!!”

  • JulieJ said:

    I love hundreds-of-bobby-pins occasions :) Sure, they hurt your head, but you only do it for special occasions...completely worth it, in my opinion! Is that how you've decided to do your hair for your own wedding? It is so unbelievably pretty! I like yall's bridesmaids' dresses, too.

  • I love the color of the bridesmaids gorgeous! Your hair looks awesome. I would have never known extensions were involved had you not said anything about it. :)

  • Pam Pentland said:

    Ha ha! That part about, "Hello! My name is Joanna Pentland and I have hundreds of bobby pins in my hair," really made me crack up!!! You do look so pretty, honey. . . and so does Elizabeth!
    You'll always be my little girl, though! :-)
    Hey, I mailed a present for Elizabeth and Rustin to your address, insured. So let me know if it doesn't get there by Thurs. or Fri. ok? Thanks!

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