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Franklin Wedding: Getting Ready for the Big Day

Franklin Wedding:  Getting Ready for the Big Day
As usual, whenever I'm looking forward to something, or I have to wake up early for something, I always wake up well before my alarm goes off.  Elizabeth and Rustin's wedding day was no different.  I had to be at the salon at 10:30am to get my hair and makeup done.  In addition to having my hair/makeup done for the Franklin wedding, this was also going to be a run thr[...]

Franklin Rehearsal Dinner….Aloha!

Franklin Rehearsal Dinner....Aloha!
Well, it's finally happened!  I've kept my word, and the pictures I said I was going to share with you have finally come! This past week and weekend we have been very busy bees!  Tuesday night, Steve went out with Rustin and his friends for a bachelor night full of........well.....whatever it is that bachelors do....minus the strippers.  All I know for sure is that[...]