My Bridal Shower

As many of you know, Steve’s and my wedding was here in Tennessee, which means that almost our entire guest list either had to fly or drive really far to get here.  That being said, I knew I wanted everyone to be able to participate in my bridal shower as well, so I had Elizabeth plan it for the Thursday evening before the wedding so that most people coming from out of town would already be here.  It worked out wonderfully.  Almost everyone (except a few people who were coming in late Thursday night or Friday) was able to attend.

We had a wonderful turnout, and I think between 20-25 ladies showered me with love.

Luckily we had enough chairs for everyone to sit down.  That was one of our main concerns….but we were able to bring in some chairs from our kitchen table and place them against the walls and such to make more seating.

My mom gave a wonderful devotional about being a great wife and loving and respecting your husband.

Love my mom!

Then it was time for presents!!  (Side note:  See that “s M j” on the mantle?  I painted that for the wedding and then forgot to set it out on one of the display tables.  Oh well, it still looks cute in my house)

Yay!  My cupcake carrier!!  Now I have more of an excuse to make delicious cupcakes because I’ll have a method of transportation to bring them to other peoples houses so they don’t end up in my belly!

I got many other wonderful gifts, like this beautiful wedding photo album.  But I won’t bore you with all the present opening pictures.  It might  get kinda redundant.

My friend (and former next door neighbor) Connie came with her bouncing baby girl, Camryn.

What a beautiful baby girl!  And look at those deep blue eyes!!

Well you can forget what I said about the present opening pictures.  I just remembered that my good camera battery died half way through, and my friend and bridesmaid, Tiffany, got my other point and shoot camera and finished taking pictures.  So I guess you’ll just have to deal with more present pictures! 🙂  Connie made this beautiful card for me.  It has cut outs of our wedding invitation and the picture we sent with our invitations.  Very creative!

I just like this picture because I look really tan. 🙂  Those days at the tanning salon really paid off!  No bride wants to blend into her wedding dress, and I most definitely would if I didn’t have a little help from some artificial sun.  Yes, I faked and baked and I’m not ashamed!!!

And this is the face I made when I opened Elizabeth’s gift.  A camera bag!!!  Up until this point, every time I wanted to take my camera somewhere I’ve had to just carry it in my hands or try not to ruin it by carrying it in my purse.  This was a much needed and appreciated gift.

And to top it all off, she had it embroidered with my Southern Daisy logo.  Amazing!

What’s a bridal shower without some kitchen towels and oven mits?!

Steve’s mom, Toli, gave us some cute kitchen towels and oven mits with puppy dogs on them.

This is when I realized that this gift from Cheryl McAdams wasn’t just a pretty picture frame, but that it was pictures of buildings and architecture that actually spelled out my new last name, McVey!!  What an amazing and unique gift!  It is now hanging above our pantry.

Elizabeth was there to help me write down all my gifts so that I wouldn’t forget a single thank you card.

It was a wonderful shower, and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.  Elizabeth did a great job planning it, and my mom was wonderful in helping her out and making some of the food.  Oh man, I just realized that we didn’t get any pictures of Elizabeth’s beautiful cake that she made, but just know that it was a gorgeous strawberry cake with white sides and a beautiful pink flowered top.  And we can’t forget that delicious punch!


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