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Elizabeth’s Bridal Shower

Elizabeth's Bridal Shower
So the reason I have neglected my beloved blog this past week is because I've been super busy preparing for Elizabeth's bridal shower.  This was the first shower I had ever hosted, and I wanted it to be perfect!  I spent 3 days making and decorating sugar cookies, cleaning, and baking cakes and cake pops.  And let me tell you, cleaning up after 2 Saint Bernards and 3 [...]

Got Weddings on the Brain

Got Weddings on the Brain
It's wedding season, and I'm getting married in 3 months!  I'm also hosting a bridal shower for my best friend Elizabeth next weekend, which has me completely stressed out!  Last night i had a dream nightmare that I had somehow forgotten about the bridal shower and everyone started showing up to my house and I had nothing prepared, and my house was a mess because of o[...]
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