Look Out! He’s On the Move!!!

Well, it’s finally happened!  After weeks and weeks of my wonderful husband hounding me to work on crawling with Grayson, he has finally figured it out!  And now, about 2 weeks after he took those first crawling steps on his own, he is a pro!

Luckily, he hasn’t learned how to climb the stairs yet, so we have a little bit of time to figure out the baby gate situation.  We have some baby gates that we used with the dogs, but they won’t work at the top of the stairs (where we need it the most), so we are currently looking at our options.

I bought two baby gates that are specifically for “top of the stairs” placement, but, of course, our banister on one side is too tall for the correct placement of the brackets, and the railing on the other side is too short, and the gate would hit it whenever it was opened.  Sigh….

Periodically, while Grayson is crawling from room to room (and bruising his little knees along the way), he’ll sit and take a quick break.

And these little breaks make for great pictures!

The morning is Grayson’s favorite time of day (other than when his Daddy comes home from work), and it also makes for glorious lighting in our living room and entryway.

This one is currently the wallpaper on my iPhone.  He is always so happy in the morning!  I love it!

On the move again!  He crawled back and forth from the front door to the living room probably ten times that morning.  He wasn’t chasing a toy or anything like that.  I think he was just relishing his new found mobility and exploring the house like he never could before.

“Oh hi, Kaylee!  Don’t mind me.  Just crawling around.  Don’t feel like you need to get up or anything.”

Don’t worry.  She won’t.

My personal favorite picture of the day.  I started singing his favorite song, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”, and he lit up like he does pretty much every time he hears it.  It’s my little trick to get him to smile for pictures, since he’s so used to the camera now.

If you look closely, you can see his three little teeth.  Two on the bottom, and one on the top that had just broken through a day or two before.  Since I took these pictures three days ago, one more tooth has made it’s appearance, so he now has a total of four teeth!  Poor little guy.  He’s gotten his last three teeth in the past 2 weeks, and at least one more is on it’s way within the next few days.  He’s been pretty miserable at times, but can still crack up at the most random things!  His new funny word is “teeth.”  Whenever I say it, he laughs and laughs.  Silly boy in his firetruck jammies.

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