Got Weddings on the Brain

It’s wedding season, and I’m getting married in 3 months!  I’m also hosting a bridal shower for my best friend Elizabeth next weekend, which has me completely stressed out!  Last night i had a dream nightmare that I had somehow forgotten about the bridal shower and everyone started showing up to my house and I had nothing prepared, and my house was a mess because of our many animals.  Talk about a stressful dream!  I woke up abruptly in the middle of it and then couldn’t go back to sleep because I was thinking about everything I had to do for the shower.

So, to de-stress myself, I browsed through the wedding section on Etsy, and boy oh boy did I find some gems!  Literally!

Like this gorgeous crystal bridal bouquet wrap.  I wonder if there’s an easy way to make this myself?  The price tag on this thing is a whopping $339!  That’s more than my dress cost.  No thank you!

I also found this beautiful hair comb.  I definitely want something like this.  I originally though I wanted a tiara, but I’ll just have to see which looks better with my hair style.

And what about these cuties!?  The only problem with these hangers is that they’ll only be used 1 day, and I want to get my bridesmaids something they can use all the time.  I mean, I guess they can use them after the wedding, but they’ll only be cute for one day, and then they’ll just get mixed up with all the other hangers in their closets.  It’s a cute idea though!

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect earrings and necklace.  I want something pretty and simple…..

…like this.  Wow, I just noticed that there’s a little piece of hair or lint on that earring.  Haha!  I wonder if the Etsy shop owner knows that.  That’s kinda grody.  But nevertheless, this is kinda the style I want as far as earrings go (minus the hair).

I still need to take my dress to a seamstress to have a bustle put in, but other than that, my dress fits perfectly!  What a relief!!  Now back to stressing over Elizabeth’s shower.

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