Spring Is Finally Here!!!

Spring has finally made it’s appearance here in Middle Tennessee, and that means we can finally have some fun at the park with Grayson!  I tried taking him to the park in February, but it was cold and windy, and he was not liking it!  This is the face he made that day when I tried to take his picture.

Luckily, this time, there were no pouty faces, and we all enjoyed the nice, warmer weather.

See that blanket folded up in front of him?  That is so he doesn’t fall forward every time he swings back.  He hasn’t quite gotten the concept of holding on, yet, so the first time I tried to put him on the swings a few months ago he hated it because he kept falling forward.  You live and you learn!

He loves swinging now!  Especially when his daddy is pushing him and making funny faces!

Mommy got in on the swinging action too!  (It’s funny how much I refer to myself in 3rd person now.)

Father and son. 🙂  We’re going to need to work on getting Grayson to say cheese.  He is so used to me shoving a camera in his face that it is SO hard to get him to smile for pictures nowadays.  I have to catch him off guard or do something REALLY funny, otherwise this is the face I get.

I found this pretty patch of yellow flowers in the grass, so we plopped Grayson down for a mini photo shoot.  But, he was more interested in looking at the grass or the people walking by.

Out of all the pictures I took, this was the only one I got of him looking into the camera.  This kid, I tell ya!  I’m gonna have to start bribing him to smile, once he understands what I’m saying.

Since I’m usually the one behind the camera, I don’t have a lot of photos of Grayson and me.  So I had my wonderful hubby snap some pictures of the two of us.

He’s actually pretty good, as long as I get the camera set up for him!  Hey, Honey, if you ever want to stop selling electronic cigarettes, you can always come into business with me as my second shooter! 😉

My new favorite of my son and me.  Sure, he’s making a silly face, but that’s his personality, and I love it!  I can’t wait to get outside more and take some pictures!  Yay for warmer weather!!!

3 thoughts on “Spring Is Finally Here!!!”

  1. Very cute!! He flips back and forth between very serious and laughing big! 🙂

  2. Aahhhh! Your son is the absolute CUTEST! I’m such a sucker for cute little baby boys. Those cheeks and eyes are so precious…he looks so much like you 🙂 Congrats on his almost-one-year birthday! Hugs from California 🙂 xxx

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