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Our Honeymoon: The New York Chapter

Our Honeymoon: The New York Chapter
We're home from our honeymoon!!!  Well, we've actually been home for a week and a half now, but we've been so busy catching up on things at our business and at home (laundry anyone?) that I have unfortunately been neglecting my blog and my dear readers!  Plus, I had to edit all our honeymoon photos! Do you know how long that takes!?  Fear not!  I am back, and ready to[...]

Franklin Rehearsal Dinner….Aloha!

Franklin Rehearsal Dinner....Aloha!
Well, it's finally happened!  I've kept my word, and the pictures I said I was going to share with you have finally come! This past week and weekend we have been very busy bees!  Tuesday night, Steve went out with Rustin and his friends for a bachelor night full of........well.....whatever it is that bachelors do....minus the strippers.  All I know for sure is that[...]

Steve’s 5 Minutes as a Politician

Steve's 5 Minutes as a Politician
Steve and I went to a sub-committee hearing for the Tennessee Agriculture Committee in downtown Nashville today regarding the sale of electronic cigarettes.  Since we are the owners of an electronic cigarette company, of course we wanted to be in attendance.  The bill was originally written to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes, but fortunately the committee amende[...]
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