Franklin Wedding: The Reception

So I’ve done posts on getting ready, pre-ceremony photos, the ceremony, and now I’m going to conclude this 4 post series with the RECEPTION PHOTOS!!!!!

Here’s Rustin, waiting for the marriage license to be signed.  You can see the minister signing it in the background.

For some reason, I didn’t have to sign the marriage license as a witness.  Only Eli, the best man signed it.  That was a little disappointing. 🙁

Elizabeth, Steve, and I are looking at the guest book.  They had cute pictures in there from throughout their relationship.  They even had a screen shot of Rustin’s text message, asking Elizabeth to marry him.  That’s right…….a text message!

Yay!  They’re officially married!!!

Ok, is this not the funniest cake topper you’ve ever seen??  Hilarious!

Beautiful bridesmaids…..if I do say so myself.  🙂

Krista and Steve (one of the many).  Such a cute couple!

Here are some attempts at our jumping picture.

Traditional wedding photo.

The groomsmen with the bride.  Look at my little cutie there in the front!

Bridesmaids with the groom.

Steve and me with our best friends, Elizabeth and Rustin!  Just you wait, in a few years we’re going to have another picture together with the addition of a bunch of little kids.  🙂

Capturing a private moment.

Love this photo!

My pretty gerbera daisy bouquet.  My favorite flowers!  Oh, and my pink sandals that Elizabeth gave to all the bridesmaids to wear at the reception.

Time for the first dance as husband and wife.

Time to cut the cake!

That cake topper was really stuck on there!

Well, in case you can’t tell….and because my “camera man” didn’t get a picture quick enough….instead of feeding each other the cake, Rustin and Elizabeth so graciously decided to smash the cake in mine and the best man’s faces.  Sooooooooo thoughtful!!!  And look, they think they’re SO funny!  Well just you wait little missy.  You’re in my wedding in less than a month!

But I was a good sport about it.  Even though Rustin completely chucked the cake at me like he was throwing a fast ball!

We’re still friends! 🙂

Thanks for the help, guys!

I had some trouble getting it out of my eyelashes, so Jen helped me.

All better!

Bouquet time!!  I only had a month and a half left where I can participate in this!

She had to do it twice because both times, she threw it WAY to far!  Sarah (in the purple) ended up catching it.

Garter time!  Oh Elizabeth, so naughty!

Rob, Sarah’s boyfriend ended up catching the garter.  How perfect!

Here’s a close up of my hairdo.  🙂

And, all of a sudden it’s dark!  There was about a 2 hour span where I didn’t have my camera with me for some reason.  Oh I know, it was because I was dancing!!  And the ring bearer wouldn’t let me stop dancing, or dance with anyone but him.  I was his prisoner!!

Somehow, all the guys ended up in the pool at the end of the night… their tuxes!!!

Even the ring bearer jumped in!

Here is my Steve’s graceful entrance into the pool!

Yah!  We’re so cool!!

Oh honey, you’re still a little kid at heart!  The girls ended up jumping in a little later….but not in our dresses, of course.  Wendie (Rustin’s mom) provided us with some bathing suits. 🙂  It was a very fun night!  A night that I hope we will never forget!


Franklin Wedding: The Ceremony

It’s wedding ceremony time!  I gave my camera to our friend Steve (all 3 bridesmaids have hubbies named Steve) and told him to take as many pictures as he wanted.  Well, he sure didn’t disappoint!!!  I had over 600 pictures from that day.  I’m still not finished editing them all, but here are a few from Elizabeth and Rustin’s wedding ceremony.

Here’s Rustin dancing down the aisle.  I think it caught everyone by surprise.

If you look closely, you can see Steve and me peeking over the fence in the background.

Then everyone danced down the aisle, one by one.

Here’s one of the other Steve’s.

Jr. Bridesmaid, Rachel.

It’s my honey bunny’s turn!

He really got into it.

Here’s Jen!

I don’t remember this groomsman’s name, but he threw candy into the audience!

It’s my turn!

Don’t ask what I’m doing…..a pirouette maybe?

I’m such an embarrassment!  Don’t ever ask me to dance down an aisle again!

Best man, Eli.

Ryan ran down the aisle and did a quick spin at the end.  🙂  Such a good sport.

Sam skipped down the aisle, with her poofy dress bouncing along with her.  So cute.

Here comes the bride!!!  She didn’t dance.  It’s kinda hard to dance to a wedding march.

Such a beautiful bride!

Rustin looks like he went into military mode.  He was so serious at the first part of the ceremony.  He finally let loose a little during the vows.

“Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

I love this look they gave each other.  It was the first time Rustin smiled since he saw her walk down the aisle.

And…..back to being serious.

Look at her pretty tea length dress.  Perfect for an outdoor spring wedding!  And of course it lets her show off those hot pink pumps!

Reading the vows.  Rustin made his into a rap song….or was it just supposed to be a poem?  I couldn’t tell.

One of Elizabeth’s vows was to watch one sports game with him per week without falling asleep. 🙂

She also vowed to cook dinner for him once a week….and Elizabeth HATES to cook.  So that was a big one!

I love a wedding where the bride cries. 🙂

And also when she laughs!

Rustin’s parents’ backyard made a beautiful wedding venue.

I’m handing her Rustin’s ring.  I also got to hold her bouquet…which made me happy. 🙂

The exchanging of rings.

I now pronounce you husband and wife!!!

Kiss the bride!!!!

He picked her up in a big whoosh of white dress, and carried her down the aisle.

And then we all followed.  By the by….look how awkward I look next to the best man.  I’m what…..6 inches taller than him, at least?!

Then we all stood around outside the gate for several minutes before someone told us what we were supposed to be doing. 🙂

All in all, it was a lovely, and sometimes corny ceremony.  I don’t think I could have imagined it any other way.


Franklin Wedding: Pre-Ceremony Photos

Elizabeth and Rustin did not see each other before the wedding ceremony as is tradition, but the girls and guys did take pictures separately before the ceremony.  Here are a few of those pictures.

The wind kept blowing a tree branch in Elizabeth’s face, so Jen helped pull it away.

Showing off her hot pink heels!

Elizabeth and me…..bride and maid of honor!

Hand on the hip makes your arm look thinner! 🙂

We had our own personal paparazzi.

Well hello there!

The ring bearer was Rustin’s little brother, Ryan.  And he would not let me dance with anyone but him!  Such a ladies man!

Ryan making his move!

The flower girl, Rustin’s little sister, Sam.  Such a cutie!

Jr. Bridesmaid, Rustin’s other little sister, Rachel.  Yes, all his siblings are quite a bit younger than him!

There he goes again!  Trying to steal the bride!!!

The nice thing about living in Tennessee….lots of greenery to use as a backdrop!

This one’s my favorite.

Me and my love!

Close up!

The wait begins….30 minutes until ceremony time!

Rustin and his future father in law.

The boys striking a pose.

Oh geez.  Boys…. it must be next to impossible for them to take a serious photo.  Next post….The Wedding Ceremony!!!